We believe that human behavior is a manifestation of numerous underlying organizational & psychological factors. As time passes, in any growing organization there occur situations when there is a need to rejuvenate .. Organizations are organic communities operating in complex eco-systems which force them to ... In order to sustain competitive advantage, organizations have evolved smart strategies....
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We believe that human behavior is a manifestation of numerous underlying organizational & psychological factors. Organizations need to understand these dynamics and take measures to constantly keep pace with the changing needs so that their internal systems & processes deliver the desired results. We assist organizations to "SAIL" through these complexities by providing learning solutions in the form of behavioral & soft skills training. Here we deal with training needs of the organization that have been identified through their internal systems or would require the facilitation starting from Training Need Assessment stage. Our programs are designed to ignite the craving minds to nurture, maximize their potential & improve their on-job performance. We help aspirants to re-brand themselves into whatever they want to be in the organizational context. We also, assist managers/leaders who are caught in between the imperatives of competition and the desire to create an inspiring and productivity boosting team. -“The team, which shares the goal — of being fellow travelers on the way to excellence!” The doctrine followed hinges on the fact that positions of authority can be thrust onto Managers but Leadership does not emanate merely by doing this. Managers need to be taken through the skill-sets to enable them imbibe the essence of leadership. This in turn improves initiative, team performance, decision making, career choices, etc. We also, understand that such programs would be more effective when continued support is provided.
Highlighting some of Our Featured programs:
Initiative Managerial Competence Attitudinal Change
Leadership & Mentoring Accent Neutralization Faculty Development Program
Counseling Nuances of Feedback Process Train The Trainer
Conflict Management Business Etiquettes’ Presentation Skills
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