Our Approach & Methodology
We follow a flexible approach to deal with organizational issues. Our basic approach is a 4 step approach that begins with an appreciative inquiry, development of solutions, facilitating implementation, institutionalizing processes.
Appreciative Inquiry - is an analytical approach to understand organizational issues at a fundamental level. Our behavioral experts incorporate principles of ‘learning organization’, corporate governance and ethical and moral values to explicitly identify the causal factors.
Development of Solutions – Our experts work around the causal factors and structure solutions that deliver the desired outcomes. We adopt various tools viz. HR Data Analytics, best practices etc to present alternatives.
Facilitating Implementation – We partner organizations in the implementation process. The potential resistors to change are identified. Change Management Action Plans are designed to mitigate resistance and develop a positive change in attitude.
Institutionalization – We believe that change becomes permanent once it gets institutionalized. We help develop systems and monitoring mechanisms that address the subtler yet vital aspects viz competence building, motivation, commitment and organizational culture.
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