Our Approach:
We adopt a systemic development approach towards behavioral training. We deliver programs that are driven by “experiential learning” in an environment that facilitates improved understanding. We incorporate Kolbe’s learning cycle which is a proven learning approach.
We follow a 3 phase approach in order to structure and deliver a program that meets customer requirements and has a sustaining impact. We have an expert team well conversant with scientific tools and unique pedagogy. We focus on action-learning to enable our participants demonstrate their learning at workplace.
Kolbe’s 4 Stage Learning Cycle
Experience - Create an experience for the participants so that they can relate it to themselves
Reflection – The participants are encouraged to reflect on their experiences
Learning – The trainers skillfully cull out the learning elements and bring relevant behavioral issues which are then addressed jointly by participants and trainers.
Experimenting – Action learning to enable participants to traverse the real-life situations and develop a pragmatic approach to manage them.
Our trainers use appropriate tools to create a powerful learning environment to elicit the best response from participants in terms of active engagement. We facilitate action learning to enable participants replicate their learning back at work place and improve performance.
We understand the need to reinforce behavior in order to sustain it over a long time. Our trainers provide post-training coaching and mentoring support for 2 months – 1 day each week spread over 8 weeks.
Our consultants assess the effectiveness of the program after 3 months of completion of the program using kirkpatrick’s evaluation model. The focus is to assess the actual transfer of learning to the workplace.
Our Methodology
We offer a basket of training tools that can meet the training objectives. The mix incorporates elements of theory, practical and mentoring to enable the participants learn more effectively
A judicious combination of case study method, audio-visual aids, group exercises, games, role-plays etc. would be used to deliver the program. Post-training /workshop, participant’s feedback would be submitted to the organization.
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