Our Philosophy:-
We take care of those who take care of the learning needs of many, by providing them with an environment where they do not have to but want to create, innovate & grow…
Why Vardhnam| Vision & Mission
In the past couple of years, the average employee has been taken through a steep trajectory of growth and an equally sharp decline. Global financial markets have led to many unfavorable events which have had a significant impact on human resources both professionally and personally. Some organizations barely survived, some could just sustain yet some were able to perform extremely well, showcasing exceptional growth. Emerging signs of recovery are gaining strength with hope to regain the lost ground.
Certain events on the Corporate Diaspora have led to question our corporate ethics and values that have made us think about the necessity of good corporate governance. Changes have been triggered from other sources as well – changes in Industrial policy, foreign policy, economic policies, cross-border issues and the social milieu in which organizations are operating. As practitioners, we understand and can relate to these continuously changing patterns and their impact on Human Resources.
Vardhnam's vision is to work through the myriad and complex people process issues and design solutions that facilitate achievement of business objectives. We believe organizational "Growth" cannot reach a sufficient level of scale and impact unless there is an integration of financial realities, growth strategy & psychological needs. Organizations need to realize the fact that pace of growth depends on the ability of the leadership to coordinate across the organization boundaries.
At Vardhnam we blend theory & practical implementation aspects to build solutions and delivery models keeping behavioral psychology at the core. This approach relates to capacity building and helps organizations sail when they are challenged to grow in an dynamic environment. Also, the employees will not feel “empty, disconnected, and indifferent towards the organization imperatives and adapt to the changing needs & demands".
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